Photo Credit: Gabriel Molton

Photo Credit: Gabriel Molton

I am going to start a short video series. 

New York City has ironically blessed me with a giant living room.

Let this practice be in honor of the rarity of that statement and the lack of opportunity available for artists pursuing personal study and performance.

It will take place in the aforementioned living room and will occur every Friday, if the time permits. 

After each session, I will document by posting one video excerpt that is anywhere from 15sec-6min long.

Where this practice will take me, I am not sure, but I do wish it will lead me somewhere. 

So stay tuned. 

It is about me, and for me, and only for you, if you choose, to witness. 

“The only journey is the one within.” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke


TRIPTYCH 1. 2. 3.

MAY 5th 2017

APRIL 28th 2017

APRIL 21st 2017

APRIL 14th 2017

APRIL 7th 2017

MARCH 31st 2017

MARCH 24th 2017

MARCH 17th 2017

MARCH 10th 2017

MARCH 3rd 2017

FEBRUARY 24th 2017

FEBRUARY 17th 2017

FEBRUARY 10th, 2017

FEBRUARY 3rd 2017

JANUARY 27th 2017

JANUARY 20th 2017

JANUARY 13th 2017

JANUARY 4th 2017

DECEMBER 30th 2016 

DECEMBER 16th 2016

DECEMBER 9th 2016

DECEMBER 2nd 2016

NOVEMBER 18th 2016

NOVEMBER 11th 2016

NOVEMBER 4th 2016

NOVEMBER 2nd 2016

SEPTEMBER 30th 2016

SEPTEMBER 23rd 2016

SEPTEMBER 15th 2016

SEPTEMBER 2nd 2016

AUGUST 26th 2016

AUGUST 19th 2016

JULY 29th 2016

JULY 22nd 2016

JULY 15th 2016

JULY 8th 2016

JULY 5th 2016

JUNE 24th 2016

JUNE 17th 2016

JUNE 10th 2016