Performance and a Party

We need to make dance performances accessible again. This event puts a dance performance in the context of going out with friends, meeting some new people in a cool space and drinking a delicious beer. We believe in the power and sacred nature of dance and performance, but without the pretentious nature of it. So this night is about building community. We do this by expanding the audience of dance, having a good time, and finding ways to meet and gather people that isn’t at a bar or sporting event. We are bringing people together to show them the power and beauty of dance in an intimate, enjoyable, and non-theatrical setting. We want to make it lo-fi in terms of context and hi-fi in terms of artistic, physical, and entertainment value.

Afterwards, we would like people to say things like, “Wow, I really enjoyed that event. I never usually go see dance, but this was fun and I met some great people” or “It was like a mix between a party and a performance and a community gathering” or “It was accessible and artistic and awesome”

This event is part of a greater organization seeking to spread dance to all ages, abilities and make dance joyful, healing and accessible to all. 

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